Don't forget the meal - Some advice from a wedding chef

I recently passed a small milestone in my career as a chef. I catered my 100th wedding which I think qualifies me to hand out some advice on wedding meals. I have made a checklist which I send out to all prospective couples all based on experiences during the last 100.

When looking at venues it is worth checking out the catering options quite carefully before you make a booking. No matter how good the venue, how glorious the weather or how fantastic the bride looks, the guests will generally judge the day based on the hospitality. A great meal will set the atmosphere for the rest of the evening festivities and a poor meal will be taken away as a memory.

Most importantly, you want to be relaxed and unstressed on your special day and not having to deal with niggling problems. To this end it is worth putting in as much organisation and attention to detail beforehand and not trying to wing it on the day. I have witnessed many a bride becoming quite stressed on the day only because they have to make decisions on details that could have been sorted out weeks beforehand. On the day no one (not even the groom) wants to make a decision without asking the bride.

And finally, make sure you get the right balance between what you like to eat and what you think the majority of your guests would like to eat.

 John Ramsay
Chefs On The Move

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